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Ugoos UT8 Pro

UGOOS UT8 is the announced new Android TV Box from the UGOOS brand. This time, UGOOS decided to design a new set-top-box powered by the efficient Rockchip RK3568 chipset.

ugoos ut8 pro

Ugoos UT8 Pro Features

Android 11

Ugoos UT8 Pro is based on latest Android 11 and have updated firmware that
supports all features.

8 GB Ram

Ugoos UT8 Pro comes with 8GB RAM LPDDR4. It provides enough space to run smoothly.

RK3568(Rockchip) CPU + 2.0G (64bit)

UGoos UT8 pro has RK3568(Rockchip) CPU + 2.0G (64bit). Best for optimium performance.

ARM Mali-G52 2EE GPU

Ugoos UT8 Pro has the best performaing GPU for its enthrilling performancee.

WIFI & Bluetooth

Ugoos has 2.4G/5G 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax 2T2R wifi6 which are best performing antenas.

HDR Support

Ugoos UT8 Pro supports Higher Definition Resolution. This amazing product makes your life easier.

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Ugoos UT8 Pro

What can we find in the new UGOOS UT8?

The RK3568 SoC is the chipset that was used in Firefly’s Station P2 Mini PC / Geek PC. The RK3568 AI chipset integrated co-processors (GPU, VPU, NPU), and in addition to the video playback features (up to 4K @ 60fps), it is great for development projects.

UT8 Variants

Ugoos UT8 Pro comes in 4 varaints

UGOOS UT8 will probably be delivered in several versions. However, in the strongest version it will have 8GB RAM LPDDR4 and 64GB eMMC storage. Besides UT8 will be support a 802.11ax WiFi 6 MIMO, Gigabit Ethernet and certainly Bluetooth version 5.


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ugoos ut8 pro

Ugoos UT8 Pro

UGOOS UT8 is the announced new Android TV Box from the UGOOS brand. This time, UGOOS decided to design a new set-top-box powered by the

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